5 Ways Tent Rentals Transform Your Event


Houston, like many parts of the country, gets hot, very hot. This doesn’t mean you can’t have outdoor events though. There are many beautiful outdoor locations that are perfect for any occasion. Or perhaps you have a multi-part event that has indoor and outdoor areas. Here are five ways of how renting a tent can completely transform your event in an amazing way.

1. Ensure party guests are dry and in the shade

Tent rentals safeguard guests from the uncooperative weather such as the rain and the hot sun. Your guests are impeccably dressed for the occasion, and you don’t want to ruin that by getting them drenched in the rain or grilled in the heat.

There are different tent solutions for your guests to comfortably enjoy the moment. You have a choice of open tents such as a pole, marquee or frame tent or a closed tent like a structure tent. Tent rentals can also have climate control equipment to manage the mood.

2. Sets a Romantic Backdrop

Tents easily turn a location into a picturesque, romantic backdrop for special events like a wedding. Whether you’re doing it in your own backyard, in a grassland or any place that seems too plain, a tent adds grandeur to this once-in-a-lifetime occasion.

Your tent rental suppliers will have a catalogue of specialized tents and packages that will suit every a romantic style you want to create. Ask for a frame and marquee tents that will give you a classic sentimental backdrop, transforming your wedding into a dreamy fairytale.

3. Keep the Gathering Private and Intimate

Your rented tents keep your guests in defined spaces, creating an appearance of intimacy while providing privacy. An outdoor space can be very vast. Without a tent to keep everyone in place, the celebration can look unfriendly and chaotic. It’ll also be too easy for outsiders to peek or crash the affair.

Imagine a corporate activity or a wedding with the attendants and guests scattered around. To avoid a fiasco, get a structure tent with solid side walls or those with windows that keep things extra private, cozy and fun.

4. Presents a Canvass for Lights and Decorations

Made usually in white, tents accentuate lights and decorations, allowing your party theme to bloom. Of course, you can have colored ones to make your event pop a little more. But, a tent independently builds a space for elaborate decors. Add a dance floor and a few twinkling lights, you’ll get yourself an affair your guest can’t help but talk about.

Apart from the main tent, Luxurious Tent rentals, also have tent accessories to jazz up the interior space. There are chandeliers, post lights, gobo lights, stage, and pipes and drapes to set up a gorgeous venue.  

5. Flexible Event Elements

Usually, renting tents for your wedding won’t tie you down with venue schedules and venue-and-catering packages. When you book a venue like a hotel, vineyard or resort, you might have to compromise dates because of availability. Worse, you may also have to let go of your favorite caterer because the venue only accepts certain vendors, in-house catering or has specific packages.

You can have all of the elements for the affair work for you by getting tent rentals. With their services limited to tents, furniture, lights, and other accessories, you’ll have greater liberty to mix and match with other event suppliers like caters and florists.

Table and Chair Rentals: The Unsung Hero of your Special Occasion

Table And Chair Rentals

Are you ready for some extravagance in your next event? When you think about the central concept of your event and the corresponding embellishments that make it look spectacular, the table and chairs are probably not the first elements on your mind but they are one of the most important parts of your event.

You can’t create a comfortable, luxurious and inviting atmosphere without the right furniture for your guests to sit on. You can’t display amazing florals, centerpieces, china or chargers without a table. Table and chair rentals are the perfect solutions to address this need.

Table And Chair Rentals

Every party has a theme and your tables and chairs need to work with the concept. If you pick the right party rental company, not only will they have an assortment of chairs that you can select from, they will have chair covers and sashes that will completely transform the look so that it melds with your overall decor. These furniture items boost your event’s motif even before you drape the entire place with other decorations.

You can decide to do round, square or rectangular tables or mix and match to create a unique look and layout for your event. The tables serve as the baseline for the rest of your embellishments.

Now, let’s talk about the chairs! We love the timeless appearance of the Chiavari chair. It’s adaptable and can be used for both indoors and outdoor events. It’s an elegant, comfortable yet fun piece of furniture and leaves you the artistic freedom to style your party venue.

Rent for Parties Of All Sizes

Table and chair rentals afford you flexible seating. Whether your guest list is small or large, renting gives you the flexibility needed to accommodate any party size.

The number of guests on your list will constantly change as the event date draws near. Your rental providers live for this melodrama. They’ll happily offer you the opportunity to select the exact number of tables and chairs for your event. You and your planner will appreciate being able to lay out every detail without the stumbling block of having too much or too little furniture.

Logistics and maintenance

Table and chair rentals provide you with convenience. A reliable provider can assist you with transportation and set-up the equipment for you. With renting, you don’t have to worry about hauling your own tables and chairs to the event venue. They’ll be the ones to do it for you as part of their services.

You work with your party rental company on how things should be arranged during the planning phase and then they to set the rented tables and chairs according to the floor plan of the party.

After the fun, the dancing and a whole lot of drinks, the last thing you want to do is pack-up and haul everything you used for the event back to where you got it from. This is where the places to rent for parties come in handy. If you used your own equipment, you’ll have to take care of it yourself. This will probably need storage space and require routine maintenance to keep them in good condition until the next event.

A table and chair rental service, on the other hand, takes care of everything. Places to rent for parties will not only reduce your costs of storage and upkeep, but they’ll also give you a peace of mind because you don’t have to worry about the equipment after the celebration.

Now, focus on where you should be, polish your vows and ready yourself for a fun filled party or celebration. Best wishes!

How Bespoke Luxury Event Rentals Take Your Wedding To The Next Level

Tips to make your wedding uniquely yours Avalon Event Rentals

A wedding affair is something you want to remember for the right reasons. From the setting, floral choice, staging to accessories, there are many variables that go into play that you and your guests will love. Nevertheless, we all want our wedding day to be perfect. However, the months leading to the big event can be quite challenging. It entails a series of preparation that must be done to make things fall to the right places.

With numerous details to stay on top of, and the desire to create something uniquely you, how do you go about it? Your visions can come alive by getting the right event rentals and partners. With their well-trained eye for “i-do” details, you can count on their years of experience and expertise to come up with a standout affair.

In most metropolitan areas, Houston included, event rental companies provide access to luxurious materials and equipment that are beautiful and functional. Here are some tried-and-true elements for creating the celebration you’ve always envisioned.



  1. Embrace a Central Theme

There’s no other avenue to show off personal style than a wedding. From the invitations to the centerpieces, there are boundless opportunities to display your unique color — without curtailing the essence of the affair. Simply put, it’s all about making the celebration your own.

To uphold your magical vision, pairing with the right event rentals is imperative to materialize the ideal wedding theme. Whether you’re going for a kaleidoscopic floral theme or a vintage-inspired wedding, you’ll be reminded of how timeless the moment it is in your life.


  1. Creativity Intertwined with Functionality

When it comes to designing your wedding, the sky’s the limit. Deciding on the aesthetic elements needed to achieve your goals starts with having a vision but then you must distill that down to something feasible given your timeline, budget, and guest count. Event rentals allow you to find the items that you’ve been dreaming about, help with the logistics of how to actually execute on getting these items to your venue and set up while also providing their expert knowledge on what items go well together and how to put it all together to achieve your vision.

Luxury event companies afford you the freedom to be creative while being practical. From your glassware to curtains, event companies in Houston curate and organize a selection of items according to functionality and viability. Whether you want to accentuate your lush garden for a reception arrangement, Houston’s reliable event rentals can help you select the ideal mixes to perfectly pull off your vision.


  1. Invite The Important People In Your Life

A special event like a wedding is best celebrated with the people you hold dear. Not only does it symbolize glorious commitment, but it is also a declaration of love and devotion. Take your wedding to new heights by inviting the people close to you. If you are blessed and have a high number of people that are in your inner circle, large luxurious tents can be a solution for you. Your go-to event supplier can provide you with many tent options for intimate gatherings or huge sprawling events.

There is a misconception in some circles that tents are dull and inelegant but that is actually not the case. Yes, you can have a simple tent set up for informal occasions but for luxury events, experienced event rental companies can assist you with ways to layer in details and filling up spaces with amazing decorations that will make your event memorable to your loved ones.


  1. Lots of Entertainment & Dancing

When it comes to a wedding, the last thing you want is for your guests to be bored and checking the program to see when it will all be over. One of the best ways to impress your guests is by incorporating some entertainment into your wedding that leaves spectators in awe, laughter, and most importantly, joy. Additional details and interactive items that encourage participation from guests also amplify the festivities.

Either you engage them with a lavish photo booth, pamper your gentlemen with a glamorous set of fine whiskeys, or a musical spin of live band disco, it is imperative to get things sorted to celebrate the moment stylistically iconic.

And of course, dancing – make sure you leave lots of time for your guests to show off their favorite moves. You need to make sure you have a big enough dance space for the number of guests you have but you also don’t want to make it too big where the dance floor looks empty. Setting the right lighting also helps set the mood as people groove to the beat.


  1. Put Your Mind At Peace

Preparing for your special day can cause a lot of pressure and anxiety. Some people are natural planners but for most people, the best way to succeed is to get help from professional and reputable partners. With proper preparation and the right people helping, you’ll be able to party through the night and enjoy your wedding day without having to worry about the comfort of your guests.

Remember, while major elements like the romantic setting, aesthetic appeal, and overall spectacle are absolutely important, it’s your unique personal touches that will reflect your heart to your guests and those little things will be what they will find most memorable. Make sure you work with partners that are able to listen to your vision and extract those special touches and bring them to life.

How to Pull off a Flawless Outdoor Wedding Affair

There’s something very special about an outdoor wedding—the bright blue skies, the breathtaking beauty of a sea shore, the stunning mountains, or the warmness of a garden.

Whether it’s beachside, cliffside, or countryside, outdoor weddings are very special because it’s as if Mother Nature is lending her beauty for your wedding day. But as gorgeous as your wedding could be, there’s also a significant amount of blood, sweat, and tears that goes into planning an outdoor celebration.

A lot can happen when you “invite” nature to your wedding.

outdoor weddingsAvalon Event Rentals, the leader in party rentals in Houston, lists a few tips on how to pull off a flawless outdoor wedding affair, from beginning to its sweet end.

Choose a Meaningful, But Practical Location


 As with any wedding ceremony location, choose something that’s meaningful, but also practical. Go for the backyard of your childhood home (if it’s big enough for your guest list), perhaps decorated with perennials your mother nurtured throughout the year.

Consider the time of the year and which flowers are in season for your wedding. A lush field can lend a more vibrant backdrop.

Think about access to the location as well. While a remote field of wildflowers sounds romantic, it may be nearly impossible to get to for your guests, caterers, and florists. If your heart is truly set on an out-of-the-way venue, consider providing some form of transportation.

Make Your Guests Comfortable

If it’s hot outside, don’t leave guests feeling uncomfortable. Make sure the site is well equipped with fans and refreshing drinks. Maybe print your wedding program on a fan so guests may cool themselves.

Don’t forget to include citronella candles to keep bugs at bay; tea light candles can also serve as path lights and set the romantic mood when evening falls.

Know the Rules and Get the Permitsghost chair outdoor

Most outdoor venues will require permits, which will come with fees. Find out what kind of rules and permits you’ll need to accomplish before choosing your location.

Talk to the appropriate authorities, and ask about any restrictions, such as bans on campfires and alcohol. Ask about trash removal, torch lighting, and pre-wedding photography as well.

A bit of research could save you money and time in preparing your wedding location.

The Outdoor Wedding’s No. 1 Enemy: Rain

But even with the superb location, complete permits, and comfortable guests, you can’t pull off a beautiful outdoor wedding without considering one important thing: the rain.

The weather and other outside forces can change at a moment’s notice, and you don’t want the guests, caterers, and vendors to scramble for cover. But rain doesn’t have to mean disaster for your wedding.

You just need the right tent.

Order the best wedding outdoor tent at least a week in advance; work with us to figure out the style that fits your vision and the location’s spatial constraints.

We’ll help you choose a tent for your big party, and one that works on your surface – whether that’s sand, grass, or pavement.

Outdoor weddings are romantic and beautiful. But they’re not as easy as they look. They come with some work and a few considerations. Once you pull it off, though, you’re sure to get the wedding of your dreams – and maybe even a ray of sunshine.

At Avalon Event Rentals, we have everything you need to plan an unforgettable wedding. Other than tent rentals, we also rent out lighting equipment, drapes, staging, tables, and centerpieces, to name a few.

Contact us today, and we’ll help bring your vision to life.

Frozen “Olaf Summerland” Party

Addison’s 4th Birthday – “Olaf Summerland”











This was a fun party to create!  Of course I got some ideas from pinterest and ran with the summerland ideas.  It didn’t really make sense to have the traditional Frozen theme party in the hot summer so I went the route of taking the Olaf “In Summer” Theme.

Theme Colors: Pink, Orange, Yellow and a hint of Aqua (“Robins Egg Blue” – At Party City)


Rentals – Avalon Event Rentals www.AvalonEventRentals.com 



Cake – Frosted Memory Makers https://www.facebook.com/frostedmemorymakers

Photography – Caleb Brown Photography https://www.facebook.com/calebbrownphotography?fref=ts

First I ordered Printables on Etsy, Thank you LoveBuggyDesigns


Started making cute center displays and signs.

















Ordered this Dress off Etsy for Addison to wear – From Unique Memories LeAnn





Cake by Frosted Memory Makers – Houston

















Candy Buffet


















Event Rentals – Avalon Event Rentals www.AvalonEventRentals.com































Party Decor/Food – Dancing Ribbons, Frozen Bingo Game, Wanna Build a Snowman (Powered Donuts, Raisins for eyes & Candy Corn for Noses)

Mirror Ball – New Rental

Rent our new Mirror Ball!

Rent the 20″ diameter Mirror Ball for your next event, wedding reception or dance performance (available in other sizes). This huge disco ball compliments large dance floors and musical performances. While popular for concert lighting, the 2ft diameter mirror ball is also great decor for parties and social events.

Call 713-974-3646 to rent this mirror ball to have a spectacular event.

BHLDN – Wedding Flower Workshop

Courtesy of Avalon Event Rentals

Courtesy of Avalon Event Rentals
BHLDN Event - Avalon Event Rentals' Silver Chiavari Chairs

We were delighted to be a part of the BHLDN’s Wedding Flower Workshop!  This event was a great success!  Our silver chiavari chairs gave this event a great look!

Read more details about the event on Culture Map Houston:   http://houston.culturemap.com/newsdetail/07-03-12-a-special-event-at-bhldn-ups-the-flower-power-to-a-new-level/


Ashley Bailey of Austin's Byrd Collective - Teaching Future Brides about Flowers

BHLDN - Wedding Flower Workshop


Silver Chiavari Chairs
Our Silver Chiavari Chairs


Wedding Tent Decor

This is a wedding tent that I thought needed posting.  The design of this event is amazing!  Very simple to do but elegant!