5 Ways Tent Rentals Transform Your Event

5 Ways Tent Rentals Transform Your Event

Houston, like many parts of the country, gets hot, very hot. This doesn’t mean you can’t have outdoor events though. There are many beautiful outdoor locations that are perfect for any occasion. Or perhaps you have a multi-part event that has indoor and outdoor areas. Here are five ways of how renting a tent can […]

Table and Chair Rentals: The Unsung Hero of your Special Occasion

Table And Chair Rentals

Are you ready for some extravagance in your next event? When you think about the central concept of your event and the corresponding embellishments that make it look spectacular, the table and chairs are probably not the first elements on your mind but they are one of the most important parts of your event. You […]

How Party Rentals Accentuate Your Dream Affair

Wedding Tents

Planning special events like parties is certainly fun and exciting. You get the chance to play around with creative arrangements, from the general motif to the intricate design elements. However, it’s easy to start to feel pressure as the days go by and your checklist of to-do items is growing instead of shrinking. As you […]

How Bespoke Luxury Event Rentals Take Your Wedding To The Next Level

A wedding affair is something you want to remember for the right reasons. From the setting, floral choice, staging to accessories, there are many variables that go into play that you and your guests will love. Nevertheless, we all want our wedding day to be perfect. However, the months leading to the big event can […]

We Got You Covered Houston!

Avalon Event Rentals has been in the Tent Rentals Business for years. We are growing in inventory and technical knowledge about how to best provide Tent Services on different terrains. We have serviced different clients for numerous occasions such as Structure Tent for the Houston Rodeo, Frame Tent for Cook-offs @ Sam Houston Race Park, […]

How to Pull off a Flawless Outdoor Wedding Affair

There’s something very special about an outdoor wedding—the bright blue skies, the breathtaking beauty of a sea shore, the stunning mountains, or the warmness of a garden. Whether it’s beachside, cliffside, or countryside, outdoor weddings are very special because it’s as if Mother Nature is lending her beauty for your wedding day. But as gorgeous […]