Frequently asked questions

Here are answers to some of the most frequently asked questions.

If you don’t find the answer to a question that you have, please feel free to contact us.

What size tent do I need?

This depends on your guest count and available space to anchor our tents. The layout of your rentals will affect how your tent footage is utilized. See our Space Planner to choose your layout – Seated Dinning, Ceremony or Cocktail. If you know more details about our event be sure toclick on Additional Rentals such as DJ booths, lounge furniture, buffet tables as these will require more space.

How high are the tents?

The side height ranges from 8’ to 10’

The center height ranges from 10’ to 18’

How do I know what type of tent to get?

Frame Tent
This is a traditional tent structure with no center pole obstructions, allowing for optimum interior space. It is popular for its affordability and convenience. The traditional frame tents can be secured with tent stakes, anchors, or weights. It is a popular solution for intimate events like Cook-offs, Weddings, Parties, Sporting events, Company parties, and Social gatherings.

Pole Tent
The pole tent top is supported by poles located under the center of the top and then tensioned over side and corner poles. This improves the exterior and interior aesthetics of the tent. Pole tents can only be staked into grass. It is commonly used for Weddings, Parties, Sporting events, Company parties, Social gatherings.

Marquee tent
The marquee tent is also known as the high peak tent. It is demanded for it’s the aesthetics without compromising functionality. It has the exterior beauty of Pole tent with the space functions of a frame tent. The Marquee tent can be anchored with stakes or water barrels.

Will I pay extra for Setup/Breakdown?

No! Setup/Breakdown is included in the price of the tent. Plus Stakes used to anchor the tents come at NO ADDITIONAL COST.

Are Side walls included in the Tent Price?

Side walls are not included in the price of the tent. We have Cathedral window, Solid and Clear side walls.

Side walls are a fantastic addition to your tent order. It provides an enclosed space to decorate and they protect your guests from adverse weather conditions.

Can the tents be set up on any site?

Yes! We can set on concrete, asphalt, grass.

Concrete: We use water barrels or concrete weights.

Asphalt: We can anchor with both water barrels and stakes. For stakes, we drill a hole to fit the stakes and after your event we fill up the holes.

Grass: We can anchor with water barrels and stakes. Before we use stakes, we require that you do a DIGS test to ensure there are no sprinkler systems or utility cables. We cannot see what is under the surface and take no responsibility for any damages to subsurface utilities and/or sprinkler system.

Do you offer site visits to help determine what size tent I need?

Yes! We are welcome to schedule a site visit to survey your space and answer any questions you may have. A fee of $70 will be charged but can be credited to your final cost once you book.

Will I be charged more for a 2-7 day tent rental?

Our charges are the same for 1-7 days. Longer than 7 days will be priced at a discounted rate.