5 Ways Tent Rentals Transform Your Event


Houston, like many parts of the country, gets hot, very hot. This doesn’t mean you can’t have outdoor events though. There are many beautiful outdoor locations that are perfect for any occasion. Or perhaps you have a multi-part event that has indoor and outdoor areas. Here are five ways of how renting a tent can completely transform your event in an amazing way.

1. Ensure party guests are dry and in the shade

Tent rentals safeguard guests from the uncooperative weather such as the rain and the hot sun. Your guests are impeccably dressed for the occasion, and you don’t want to ruin that by getting them drenched in the rain or grilled in the heat.

There are different tent solutions for your guests to comfortably enjoy the moment. You have a choice of open tents such as a pole, marquee or frame tent or a closed tent like a structure tent. Tent rentals can also have climate control equipment to manage the mood.

2. Sets a Romantic Backdrop

Tents easily turn a location into a picturesque, romantic backdrop for special events like a wedding. Whether you’re doing it in your own backyard, in a grassland or any place that seems too plain, a tent adds grandeur to this once-in-a-lifetime occasion.

Your tent rental suppliers will have a catalogue of specialized tents and packages that will suit every a romantic style you want to create. Ask for a frame and marquee tents that will give you a classic sentimental backdrop, transforming your wedding into a dreamy fairytale.

3. Keep the Gathering Private and Intimate

Your rented tents keep your guests in defined spaces, creating an appearance of intimacy while providing privacy. An outdoor space can be very vast. Without a tent to keep everyone in place, the celebration can look unfriendly and chaotic. It’ll also be too easy for outsiders to peek or crash the affair.

Imagine a corporate activity or a wedding with the attendants and guests scattered around. To avoid a fiasco, get a structure tent with solid side walls or those with windows that keep things extra private, cozy and fun.

4. Presents a Canvass for Lights and Decorations

Made usually in white, tents accentuate lights and decorations, allowing your party theme to bloom. Of course, you can have colored ones to make your event pop a little more. But, a tent independently builds a space for elaborate decors. Add a dance floor and a few twinkling lights, you’ll get yourself an affair your guest can’t help but talk about.

Apart from the main tent, Luxurious Tent rentals, also have tent accessories to jazz up the interior space. There are chandeliers, post lights, gobo lights, stage, and pipes and drapes to set up a gorgeous venue.  

5. Flexible Event Elements

Usually, renting tents for your wedding won’t tie you down with venue schedules and venue-and-catering packages. When you book a venue like a hotel, vineyard or resort, you might have to compromise dates because of availability. Worse, you may also have to let go of your favorite caterer because the venue only accepts certain vendors, in-house catering or has specific packages.

You can have all of the elements for the affair work for you by getting tent rentals. With their services limited to tents, furniture, lights, and other accessories, you’ll have greater liberty to mix and match with other event suppliers like caters and florists.

We Got You Covered Houston!

Avalon Event Rentals has been in the Tent Rentals Business for years. We are growing in inventory and technical knowledge about how to best provide Tent Services on different terrains. We have serviced different clients for numerous occasions such as Structure Tent for the Houston Rodeo, Frame Tent for Cook-offs @ Sam Houston Race Park, High Peak Tent or Marquee Tent for Dinner Parties, Pole Tents for weddings and so much more.

Our New addition, The Clearspan NHT Series Structure Tent with Aluminum frame, PVC Fabric roof covers & PVC Fabric side walls creates the perfect cover for your event.

In the wake of Hurricane Harvey, the City of Houston and beyond was left ravaged by strong winds and rains and our streets, homes, schools, businesses, hospitals were left flooded. Avalon Event Rentals was called on to provide our structure tent to be used as temporary housing and covering for Clean-up crews as our city begins its journey to restoration. We have amazing staff that work tirelessly to provide optimum service. We have proudly done our part and continue to do more to our abilities to help restore our city and those affected.

Please take a moment to make donations or volunteer!

Thank you. #HoustonStrong #TexasStrong #HurricaneHarvey #StrongerTogether










The Avalon Event Rental Team.